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Skullgirls- Peacock vs Nanocyst by Weaselx25 Skullgirls- Peacock vs Nanocyst by Weaselx25
---Peacock vs Nanocyst---
If you don`t know who or what Nanocyst is, then shame on you, lol.
Nanocyst is a hive of nanobots graphed onto a mechanical head, controlled by a human brain. I saw the concept art and fell in love with `her` design, and eventually i got to doing this.
Hope you like it.

(I want Nanocyst as a playable character. T_T )
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ConMan21 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
Also if I remember he kinda looks Freddy Krueger-ish but without being a rip-off.I like the concept when I 1st saw it
ConMan21 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
Also some attack of Phobecrow are named in greek.Oh and sorry itbwas Faistos instead of Ephaistos.Seecya.
ConMan21 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
I know the last comment was a bit too long as a story.Sorry if it happened to bother you.
ConMan21 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
@WeaselX25 Hmm I wonder if Phobecrow would appear in the game to fight Nanocyst as a rival.
Here's the story:Phobecrow was once an happy family man[had a wife named Helena and two twin daughters called Velvett(Red Velvett) and Rose(later called Blue Rose)Despite being twins they both had a different aura the first one dark(and more passionate/beautifull) the other one light(and more kind/peacefull/harmonious), though both were equally and almost unnaturally kind in their own way.And they fough of them as rivals rather than sisters(like the William sisters from Tekken)] and succesful business man by the name of Will Forbes who had the misfortune of being a witness to a scene that would mark his fate.Two days before the Skullgirl Nancy's attack on Maplecrest(14 years ago I think) he saw in a back alley a fight between two Medici goons and a mysterious character(probably Eliza)going on a roof of a building.An object fell from one of the goons hand off the roof and a few meters away from Will(during the fight they barely noticed him).He suddenly felt tempted to take the amulet in his unnatural greed(which was in the shape of a Skull on the back and and had a golden scarab on front with a ruby attached.A aura of dread could be sensed from the amulet) and ran away, which he did.After the goons were defeated, the owner of that amulet noticed the thief running but let him walk away instead (s)he mumbled something like an incantation and cursed him that if he dies, his soul would be trapped on earth and eventually fade away forever and that he would lose everything he holds dear(poor Will).He eventually arrived home with the amulet and looked really pale and Helena was worried about him overworking himself but she never guessed the true tragedy.That night Will never managed to sleep having suddenly dreaded thoughs(caused by the amulet).The amulet poisoned his mind and nearly wouldve sent him insane if he didnt was mentally strong that night.The amulet said(indirectly) said that he is chosen to wear it one day,that he should kill her wife (who couldve ruined its plan and she was also pure of heart- a trait it despised the most)?But will managed to ignore it resist its influence(indirectly cuz he didnt know entirely if it was the amulet's doing(he just suspected)).He decided to dispose of it 2 days later but ot was too latemThe Skullgirl attacked them,killed Helena and Will was killed by the Skullgirl himself while trying to protect the twins(they eventually escaped the maasacre unharmed though they both were emotionally and physically harmed.Velvett would later blame Rose for their parents deaths, not knowing the real reason).The amulet dissapeared along with the Skullgirl but the curse still remained.Though his body became part of the Skullgirls undead,his soul in his disperation manage to posses a peculiar looking scarecrow so that he doesnt die.Though even if he succeded in possesing it he still couldnt move on his own in his new body and remained immobile for 14 years,being weakened and all(the scarecrow was made out of straw and metal with some wood portions,it had a straw hat, one of its eyes was patched in an X(so he couldnt see with that eye).After 14 years when the new Skullgirl(Marie) appeared he managed to completely recover and had the surprise of seeing a parasite coming towards him(called Ephaistos) along with a magician/fortune teller called Wise Monica (known by many to be a scholar in the arts of magic and tarot cards.).She heard a prophecy about a man whos soul was trapped in a scarecrow while analysing the tarot cards and knew that he might defeat the Skullgirl,but she didnt noticed an important factor.After all these years he had lost his humanity and became nothing short of a monster due to the amulets curse.She released him via magic from his spiritual slumber and finally gave him the power to move freely(the years hasnt been kind to his body though,being bruised and hit by children with rocks,knocked out etc.).The only way he couldve ended his curse was to find the amulet and for that he needed to find the Skullgirl Marie.His humanity may have been partially lost but with Ephaistos help as a parasite he still maintained rational thoughts(to an extent).By combining with Ephaistos he received claws for attack(made of wood and metal) different abilities and was reborn as Phobecrow.He attacks with wood metal,bone parts from his body though he can be at risk of hurting himself(since hes made of straw).His parasite attacks with sharped poisonous needles that goes through his body and can also separate into a new body piece and attack as an evil monster crow or more of them in flight(which is awesome).

Well tell me what you think about this idea?
I wish someone would post this to the Skullgirls groups.Hmm maybe you can help mw with this too ok?
:)Nice artwork BTW.
See ya.
ReluctantZombie Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Holy crap, never saw this character before.

I'd totally use her.
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